If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Due the nature of some of the diving especially in the Brothers islands and the South where strong currents and heavy sea conditions can prevail, and Zodiac entry is necessary and difficult, for the Marine Park (Brother islands, Daedalus, Rocky and Zabargad)it is required that you have at least 50 dives in your log book.

For our other trips there is no minimum number of dives required.

  • Open Water Diver max. depth 18m,
  • Advanced Open Water Diver max. depth 30m
  • Recreational depth limit by law 40m
Please bring with you for the check in on M.Y. Rosetta:

  • your log book
  • your dive certificate
  • your nitrox certificate
  • your valid medical certificate (if necessary)
  • copy of your passport
We recommend you urgently to have an insurance for diving. In cases of a decompression accident the therapy in the decompression chamber can cost around 15.000 €. If you have a travel insurance, please check if they cover treatments in the deco chambers.

If you don’t have an insurance yet, you can have a look to the DAN Insurance.

You can pay cash in Euro, Dollar and Egyptian Pound. Payment by credit card is not possible on board.

  • ABC-equipment (mask, snorkel, fins)
  • Wetsuit
  • BCD
  • Regulator (with alternativer air source and pressure gauge)
  • Dive computer
  • S.M.B (Surface Marker Buoy) one S.M.B for every diver
  • Weight belt
  • Torch
  • Spare parts (mask strap, straps for fins, O-Rings, batteries)
  • Log book
  • Dive certificate

Please note: The use of muck sticks (pointer stick or also known as lobster tickle stick) are forbidden in the Red Sea. Also it is highly recommended not to wear gloves.

You can hire equipment from us, but please order the equipment already with your booking.

We have a small range of spare equipment and spare parts on board, but we can not have spare parts for every regulator on board, so it would be very good if you bring a spare kit with you.

In every spare kit there should be at least a mask strap, straps for the fins, o-rings and batteries for the torch.

We have 12 l Aluminium tanks  with the DIN valve for you on board, if you need a 15 l tank please order the tank already with your booking. The price for the 15l tank you will find here.
Yes you can sleep on the sun deck, please bring your sleeping bag with you.
Her crew consists of the Captain, Second Captain, Engineer, Chef, Deputy Chef and three deckhands. In addition there are two very experienced multi lingual instructors and two Dive Masters, with extensive knowledge of both northern and southern dive sites to ensure that you get the very best from your Live Aboard holiday with us.
Yes we have various courses including, wreck diver, deep diver and Nitrox courses and you can do also the courses for the Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver and Divemaster.

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